Rhys-Tom achieves his first pole position in the NKC in Llandow-round 2

Aug 2, 2020

Rhys-Tom Williams gets his first pole position in the NKC championship at Llandow, Round 2

The Welsh Racing Driver Rhys-Tom Williams had his first Pole Position in the NKC Championship to gain a good start for the first heat in the race.

Rhys-Tom had an exceptionally smooth test day on Saturday at Llandow testing the maxis tyre for his first time out in the kart, the dry weather played into his favour as Rhys-Tom could get a good full day of testing on a tyre he had never raced on before.

Race day came quick after the test day on Saturday. Sunday morning started with a practice session before qualifying. The practice session was found to be valuable for Rhys-Tom, the kart felt perfect and ready for the qualifying session ahead, so he could get used to the kart and the conditions on track.

Qualifying was important for Rhys-Tom because he wanted to start the first heat in the race with an upper hand over the rest of the field. Rhys-Tom completed qualifying and achieved Pole Position where he was aiming to finish in the session.

Heat 1 was a very calm and a well-controlled race for Rhys-Tom as he heled from the start to finish without any interference during the first heat of the race.

Heat two did not go as smoothly for Rhys-Tom as he was fighting for first position during the whole race, He finished the heat in second position and wanted to regain first place in the Final.

Heat three was the final heat of the day and Rhys-Tom entered the heat with confidence that he could achieve first place when he crosses the finish line. Rhys-Tom fought off the line with a great start to regain first position, during the heat, Rhys-Tom found himself fighting for first position, again in a close battle. Unfortunately, Rhys-Tom lost out in the close battle for first place but managed to secure second place comfortably ahead of third place.

Rhys-Tom's final verdict for the day was that:
''It was an overall good day for me, but it would have been so much nicer to go home with first position in the final. it was a close battle between myself  and the driver in first place, so it was unfortunate that I missed out on a potential win here today. Most Importantly I have enjoyed the weekend here in Llandow and to be a part of the NKC ''.

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